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Old picture of Proment's founders

Proment a long term relationship with Nuns' Island

“For the MYX project, Proment called on a team of talented experts. MYX will be the 7th building in Pointe-Nord, completing the neighbourhood with quality living spaces and a unique commercial offering.”

Samuel Gewurz, President
Proment's team

Proment, the visionaries behind MYX

Founded by Samuel Gewurz in 1965, Proment Corporation has designed and erected more than 5,000 condominiums on Nuns' Island.

The firm consistently integrates quality materials and cutting-edge design into project after project, garnering many awards from the Provincial Association of Homeowners of Quebec (APCHQ).

MYX condos are the latest reflection of this bold approach that has garnered much success.

view of MYX condos' architecture

Architect: Forme Studio

For more than 15 years, Forme Studio Architecture has focused its expertise on predominantly residential mixed-use buildings.

With its innovative approach to fresh design and state-of-the-art techniques, Forme Studio Architecture has emerged as a valued partner for the realization of ambitious projects like MYX.

view of the MYX condos' main foyer designed by Gauvreau Design for Proment

Interior Designer: Gauvreau Design

By calling on the services of Gauvreau Design, Proment supports a young and dynamic vision, allowing lots of room for creativity.

The firm's unconventional approach is reflected everywhere in the MYX unit design and common areas, creating a contemporary construction that redefines condo living.

view of the landscaping on MYX condos' rooftop

Landscaping Architect: Vlan

For twenty years, landscaping architecture firm Vlan has been beautifying the areas around buildings, rethinking urban spaces and restoring nature to its rightful place in a way that is bold, modern and thoughtful.

The green roof atop parking deck and the landscaping around MYX highlight the beauty of nature and the surrounding buildings. These designs are a testament to the knowledge and experience of the Vlan team.

“The green roof concept was inspired by the building’s shape. The arrangement of vegetation and gravel paths reiterate the sail concept and complement the view for the condos overlooking the courtyard.”

Julie St-Arnaud, Landscape Architect
I would like
1 to 3 bedrooms
250K to 600K


See for yourself just how much there is to love about these contemporary condos designed with you in mind. Discover the energy of the neighbourhood, the stunning view, and the simple, healthy lifestyle it offers.


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